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Managing the biggest change in a century while delivering the same innovative plasterboard for Kiwi homes

As the organisation approaches a near 100-year history of producing plasterboard in New Zealand, we’re building towards another century of innovation with our new $400 million manufacturing and distribution centre in Tauriko, Tauranga due to open later this year.

As the organisation transitions to its new facility, which will be one of the largest plasterboard manufacturing and distribution centre in Australasia, customers will continue to see the same innovative plasterboard products made by Kiwis for Kiwi homes.

That’s because the entire Winstone Wallboards team are working hard behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition.

As the new state-of-the-art facility begins testing and manufacturing plasterboard and compounds over the coming months, both the Tauranga and Auckland manufacturing centres will run in parallel, ensuring no disruption to supply.

There’s also robust testing currently taking place for new equipment like air dryers as well as the routine testing regime for products coming off the production line, which for plasterboard means testing attributes like flexural strength, bond strength, hardness, and water absorption. 

We also work alongside organisations like Marshall Day Acoustics, BRANZ and Auckland University to test plasterboard for system attributes like acoustic and bracing qualities as well as fire resistance so what’s been produced meets the high standards needed for Kiwi homes and buildings.

One of the most exciting new aspects of the new facility will be the sustainability initiatives introduced, like energy efficient dryers and a recycling facility that will enable GIB® plasterboard to include up to 10% recycled gypsum.  

Our Tauranga plant will allow our production capacity to increase nationally by 30%, with the ability for future expansion, ensuring it can serve Kiwis for many years to come.  It also means the Winstone Wallboards team can recommence innovation development trials for exciting new products for the future.

Thursday, 23rd June 2023

By Gordon White

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