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About Us

OffsiteNZ is a non-profit membership organisation that informs, educates and advocates for innovation and excellence in offsite design and construction in New Zealand. Our Members are at the heart of everything we do and we are the heart of innovative construction in New Zealand.

OffsiteNZ is passionate about how prefabrication and new technologies can achieve a better built environment - high quality, smarter, greener, safer, faster, more innovative and efficient building solutions. Our mission is to be a member-focused innovation champion - engaging, challenging and leading for increased offsite construction. 

Formed in 2010, and previously known as PrefabNZ, the organisation changed its name in 2021 to OffsiteNZ after much consideration and broad discussion over a number of years with stakeholders including members, non-members, officials, policymakers, the public and the wider construction sector. The name change reflects the advancement of the industry which covers secondary dwellings, residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors. 

What is offsite manufacturing?

Offsite manufacturing refers to any part of a building that is made away from the final building site. It can also be referred to as prebuilt or prefabrication. 

Offsite solutions are a complementary system to traditional construction and comes in all shapes and sizes, from small components to two-dimensional panels, three-dimensional volumes/modules, a hybrid of several systems or a complete building. It can be made up of any material, from timber, to concrete, metal, plastic or a combination. 

For example, your home may have pre-nailed roof trusses and wall frames, your bach may have started as a transportable building or your workplace may use precast concrete elements.

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