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Builtin Launches New 3-in-1 Insurance Cover for Modular, Relocatable and Tiny House Builders

One of the biggest challenges for businesses involved in the construction of tiny homes, cabins, relocatable homes, modular dwellings or using other offsite, modern methods of construction is making sure there are no gaps in their insurance coverage.

Depending on the particular business model, multiple policies are usually required to cover stock, the build process both in the factory or yard and at the customer’s site, and delivery of the completed units. If you’re not careful gaps in coverage can include:

  • no cover for materials not allocated to a project or purchased prior to construction commencing

  • inadequate provision for cost escalation, inflation, professional fees and demolition in the event of a claim

  • no cover for site preparation and finishing works at the customer’s site

  • damage or theft occurring between completion and collection by the transport operator

  • no cover during the transit of completed buildings

  • no cover for damage occurring between the delivery of the dwelling to site and its connection to foundations


Builtin’s Tiny Home/Offsite Construction Insurance policy has been created to provide cover across the complete build lifecycle. It covers:

  • Loss or damage to pre-purchased materials & stock on hand

  • Loss or damage during the construction phase, including at both the factory or yard and at the customer’s site (if required)

  • Damage during the transport of completed dwellings (limits apply)


A single annually renewable policy makes the administration of cover simple and cost effective, while ensuring that potential gaps in cover are closed.

More information and a quote request form can be found at:

Whether our 3-in-1 policy suits your business model or not, Builtin works with each customer to develop a tailored risk-management solution to meet their needs.

About Builtin

Builtin Insurance Brokers are longstanding members of OffsiteNZ and New Zealand’s leading specialist insurance adviser to the construction industry for more than 20 years. As a member of Steadfast, Australasia’s largest insurance broking network, we provide a full range of products, advice and services to help construction-related businesses minimise their financial exposure to unforeseen events.

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