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Residential/Multi residential

Flexi House

We’re redefining and challenging the way New Zealand builds houses by creating flexible homes, so you can build what you need, when you need it. We believe in building homes that are good for the people and the planet.

Koltm Modular

Koltm Modular was developed from lack of presence in the New Zealand for affordable, quality & sophisticated small to medium-sized units. This drove our founders to develop the next generation of high-efficiency, modular homes. Using clean scaling & building technology combined with the architectural design, our goal is to create a better, more sustainable build for you, your family, and the future of the New Zealand housing market.

Kiwi Designer Homes

Kiwi Designer Homes have over 38 years experience in the construction industry with a proven track record built on trust and being great to work with. We have a number of standard options to choose from within our three ranges Contemporary | Lifestyle | Transportable. You can also modify our plans to suit your specific requirements.

Click Houses

Our team of architects and interior designers have worked on a design that is compact yet functional. We have a warehouse where our mods are constructed by our team of craftsmen. Our materials are sourced locally and we collaborate with NZ manufacturers to come up with solutions that are cost effective and to minimise waste by reducing off-cut wastage. Our mods are designed to be transported with ease reducing the need for permits.

JB Cabins & Homes

JB Cabins and Homes provides high quality builds at affordable prices. With house prices pushing the average Kiwi out of the market we are enabling Kiwis everywhere to get back on the property ladder. Whether you are looking for a beach bach, cabin, or a 5-bedroom family home, we have something for everyone. If you are after something a bit different from your standard plans, our designers will work with you to bring your dream to life.

Passive House Builders

It's not passive and it's not just for houses. The name comes from the German "Passivhaus". Passive House is passive only in the sense that the building envelope does most of the work to maintain comfortable temperatures, permitting simpler, smaller mechanical systems. It strives for simplicity, but it's not passive. "Haus" translates to mean any kind of building, including multifamily housing, offices and schools. Loosely translated, Passivhaus means "super-efficient comfortable building".

Pure Homes NZ

With over 19 years of experience in the building industry, our family business is renowned for high quality homes and fast build times. Our prefabricated transportable homes are built in our manufacturing facility located in the Manawatu and installed on site in around 12 weeks. Our advanced building method allows for reduced wastage and stringent supervision, assuring your new transportable home passes all quality standards and exceeds your expectations.

Hawke's Bay Homes

Hawke's Bay Homes construct transportable residential and commercial buildings from 10 to 130 square metres. If you're looking for a holiday home, sleepout, visitor or workers accommodation, classroom, office - we can build it for you in a factory environment. Fully project managed from consents to delivery, with minimal site disruption.

Sunshine Homes & Cabins

At Sunshine Homes we craft homes and cabins that complement the way we live today, making them ideal for family homes, baches, cribs, farm cottages, granny flats and second dwellings. Sunshine transportable homes and cabins are pre-built in our Kamo (Whangarei) yard and transported throughout the North Island of New Zealand.

Greenhaven Homes

Our eco homes are built with premium quality, sustainable products and designed for maximum energy efficiency. They are modern, light and efficient, making the best use of available space to provide New Zealand families with warmer, drier, healthier homes with good natural light.

Exeter Homes

We have prepared a range of pre-designed plans for our quality transportable homes featuring our signature style monopitched roof, open plan living and dining areas, full bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms. Or let's work together to create a custom plan for your ideal new home.

Makers of Architecture

Makers of Architecture designs, Makers Fabrication builds. Together the Makers team work to deliver beautiful, architectural projects using technological design, prefabrication and construction efficiencies. These technologies not only support sustainable practice, recognising the need for greater efficiency, flexibility and control, but also allows clients to visualise and walk through their projects in Virtual Reality. Ongoing research into the specification of renewable materials and sustainably sourced products support the production of low waste, healthy & resilient buildings. Makers continually aim to create environments that better the environment.

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