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We asked you - the OSM industry -
and you told us...

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Did you know that women are almost twice as prominent in the Offsite Manufacturing (OSM) sector than in the rest of the building and construction sector? That's right, 25% of the OSM workforce is female, versus only 13% in the traditional sector.

Of course, we know that's not enough to reap the benefits of full diversity. After all, it takes all sorts of minds to deliver the best OSM solutions.

As an industry, we need to promote all that is fulfilling about working here, to all demographics, to achieve better diversity all round. Fortunately, many plus points were highlighted in the survey results! 

Just looking at the rate people are leaving and retiring from the sector, a significant recruitment drive is needed to attract new entrants to meet the demands of the future. This was one of the challenges senior manager respondents raised. 

Talking to those working on the 'shopfloor' who had previous experience of the traditional sector, they highly rated the availability of toilets and somewhere to change. This shows that meeting the most basic of human needs to make a work environment comfortable, cannot be overlooked.

Overall, respondents were positive about working in the industry and saw a bright future. And for good reason. The value of resource consents for OSM solutions has doubled over the past 10 years. In 2021, it presented 10% the value of all resource consents and, future forecasts look strong. 

Despite this, respondents of the survey were realistic about the challenges ahead. They told us to succeed, we need to oercome the challenges in the areas of: 

  • developing provider capabilities

  • defining and promoting careers in OSM

  • supply chain

  • future products and opportunities

  • current market policy

OffsiteNZ is looking forward to working with the sector, and Government, to grow the industry and overcome the challenges ahead. 

See results from the full research, funded by the Ministry of Social Development, in our Resources section. We'll be sharing some of the key findings over the coming weeks. Please follow us on social media, so you don't miss out. 


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