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The SNUG is a complementary dwelling for your garden - a home for you, your parents, your kids, a workspace or a place for play.

Manufactured under controlled conditions before being transported to site either as a complete build or in pieces for assembly on-site. Either way, this means less time building on-site, less disruption, with higher controlled quality.

As a result of the PrefabNZ SNUG design competition gaining huge public interest, some of the 12 designs are now available for purchase! 

Each SNUG is produced by its respective design firm below. Simply choose a SNUG home design and contact the producer of that particular SNUG.

Note: OffsiteNZ is not in business with any of the independently owned and operated SNUG producers. Each SNUG producer is independent of each other and manufacturers their specific SNUG home independently. OffsiteNZ is not an endorser or manufacturer and was only involved in the successful management of the SNUG design competition.

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