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New e-training tool from GreenSpace: The Sustainability Toolkit

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If you’re looking for a starting point to embed the sustainability message in 2024, then look no further!  GreenSpace training is here.


By nature, offsite construction is ahead of the game in sustainable practices, however, selling this message to your team, so they understand its importance, is what this training has been created for.


“In 2023 we worked on a project that looked at the development requirements of the construction industry to upskill its workforce in sustainability. Research revealed that those involved in the construction sector were looking at ways they could embed sustainable practices within their teams. Most wanted to engage in training, but many wanted to do this internally themselves, to save both time and money. What often held them back was a starting point”, says Jacqui Neilson, Engagement Relationship Manager for GreenSpace Training. “To meet this need, we developed the Sustainability Toolkit”.


This is the first of GreenSpace Trainings e-learning tools, designed to upskill managers and small business owners in the construction industry, providing the why they need to incorporate sustainability into their business practices, and how they can create buy in from their teams, to achieve and measure this.


“It’s cost effective, you can do it in your own time, at your own pace, and create a plan for change and engagement as you go. It’s your starting point for team leaders and managers to embed the sustainability message!” Jacqui says. “The pilot course runs through to the end of December 2023, and at only $295 ex GST, it allows participants to buy the toolkit for half price! We will use the feedback from the pilot to inform where the next steps need to be. Additional team training tools will be developed over the first three months of 2024 to support this programme further. These will be sent to those who provide us with feedback, at no cost, as a thank you for their input”.


OffsiteNZ invites its members to explore the resources offered by GreenSpace Training to support their teams in encouraging sustainable conversations. The pilot course is available now by clicking here.  


For more information about GreenSpace Training and their sustainability initiatives, please visit or contact Jacqui Neilson at

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