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Manor Homes: Pioneering Steel Framed Modular Homes

Transitioning to Steel Framing: A Perfect Solution


Manor Homes specialises in modular homes for rural areas, where environmental challenges such as white ants can compromise timber structures. Recognizing this, they transitioned to steel framing, offering a more durable solution for their customers. 

To address these challenges, Manor Homes partnered with FRAMECAD , focusing on improving the manufacturing process to enhance efficiency, speed, and waste reduction. This also allowed them to provide clients with greater design flexibility, ensuring accuracy and ease of implementation.

Manufacturing Improvements: “100% Straighter”


Switching to steel framing led to a more streamlined manufacturing process, with parts being assembled off-site to speed up construction.

The FRAMECAD system enhanced precision and handling, contributing to overall efficiency. Peter Betts, Factory Manager, praised the system for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and the superior quality of the frames, stating they are "lighter and definitely a lot straighter." This precision results in a neater finish and improved aesthetics.


The modular manufacturing process now allows for quicker construction, minimizing delays due to weather or material shortages. The adoption of steel framing and FRAMECAD has significantly reduced material wastage, creating a tidier and safer workspace. Betts noted, "we are down to one bin every couple of months where we would empty a timber bin once a week."


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FRAMECAD's Software: “I Picked It Up Within a Few Weeks”


Manor Homes uses FRAMECAD software for designing, planning, and executing steel framing projects. The software enables accurate 3D modelling and engineering checks, ensuring excellence and consistency in designs. Design Consultant Micah Sharpe emphasized the benefits of digital design, stating it allows them to resolve potential issues before physical construction. He found the FRAMECAD software user-friendly, which streamlined the design process and improved overall project outcomes.

Manor Homes-20 Framecad June 2024.jpg



The transition to steel framing and the integration of FRAMECAD's system marked a significant advancement for Manor Homes. This shift has led to streamlined construction, reduced wastage, faster build times, and greater design flexibility, enhancing customer satisfaction. Peter Betts envisions continued growth in modular construction and a lasting partnership with FRAMECAD.


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